a busy snowy weekend

as always my weekend revolved around forensics, it was the wisconsin state tournament...we had a great time as always. i was very glad to be home saturday night so that i could have time on sunday to do homework, which i didnt make as much progress as i should have but i did make some.
i had RA processing last night which was acutally pretty fun. then i had some dinner, though i really would have liked mexican food, but there was a large obstacle with that, i live in Ripon. the downside of a small midwestern...
sarah and i watched the oscars last night, it was nice to acutally spend time with friends, considering i hadnt actually seen Sarah since thursday and it was sunday night.
looks like it will be a fun week, with a lovely admissions event at the end!
have a wonderful week



it was really cold this morning. i mean not negative numbers gosh my ears are still thawing. sometimes i dont know i think i should gone to a desert where its warm..but then i remeber how much i love ripon and i get over it. or i stay inside alot, mostly i stay inside.
it is a lovely thursday...im working today and doing some prep for my state tournament this weekend.
i have to write a few papers in the next week, but like the nerd i am, i am really excited to do all the research! COVERT OPERATIONS IN IRAN...maybe i shouldnt say that with all caps but i enjoy learning about it.
off to do some more work...



today we leave for lovefest, our annual valentines tournament in the forensics world! i am so excited, not only because this weekend could make me qualified for nationals but because this tournament is so much fun!
it has been a long week but thats ok... i have 4 papers to write over the next few weeks. the topics should be interesting to research. one is on genocide in sudan, another on international law definitions and another on covert operations in Iran. i know that probably doesnt like much fun to most people but alas it is my major so i love the research and i think its pretty cool.
its going to cool down soon and probably snow again which is sad cus i have loved the warm weather...
happy valentines day


a warm wonderful weekend

i cant believe im saying this, it felt like spring this weekend! all you needed to go outside was a sweatshirt.
i had a great weeeknd. i got on top of all my reading for my politics classes, wrote a paper, made a costume for lovefest and just had fun. sometimes i forget what it is like to have weeeknds all to myself. when im at home im an only child and i get lots of quiet time... its college now and its loud!!! but i love it.
i have decided to apply to be an RA in the fall. i think it would be a fun experience! plus its extra money to save for my trip to Russia next spring.
i think this week im going to get a jump start on my papers so i dont have to do them at the last mintue when im getting ready for a big tournament.
looking forward to a warm week!



its a sad day when i get sick, it seems to happen a lot this year...
today it is really cold and being sick with a cold is just no fun.
i'm really enjoying my classes, today in international law we discussed our philosophy on what international law should be. it made me understand where i stand on certain issues, i always love understanding my beliefs, i also love to cause trouble in class so i usually pick the minority position. 
tomorrow is my crazy busy day. i work at the national forensic league, i have a meeting at work, a meeting with my coach, practice, work dinner, dems meeting, and a meeting with my team.
its a good thing im doing my homework tonight.


finally home

We got home at a real hour this weekend, ten pm! the forensic tournament was a lot of fun, i spent time with some of the freshman girls and got to know them and it was awesome. 
when i got home i found a tree branch in our room, it seems as though sarahs boyfriend cut it down and brought it home, now sarah would like to paint it. you just never know whats going to happen next.
today i have to read until class at 630... 


a lovely friday

its friday, finally. this week went some what slowly, of course it is the first full week of classes..that could be why.
this is going to be s tough semester reading wise, it takes about twenty minutes to read just about 5 pages in my introduction to international law text book. and thats just the first of four books. i am pretty sure that my favorite class is going to be US National Security Policy. that might be because its my minor :)
i am going to Illinois this weekend for yet a nother forensics tournament! if i do well (3rd place or higher) in one of my speeches im going to NATIONALS!!!! im also debuting a new speech this weekend. im not the nervous type but by golly im a little nervous.
i think ive determined my favorite time of day in ripon. now that i dont have an 8 am class, i come into work at 830 or 9 most days, everybody is either in class or still sleeping. and when the sun is shining and the wind isnt blowing to much, the way the snow has fallen or the trees are resting is just perfect. its like one of those calenders you would find in a bookstore with picturesque places.
last night my roomate sarah and i had a long discussion about whether or not she should shower in the morning or afternoon... those are the moments i love the non serious ridculous conversations right before bed
have a lovely weeknd